TransPennine Express LED Lighting Upgrades

The thousands of commuters and passengers use the TransPennine Express every day are benefitting from our high-quality, environmentally-friendly LED lights installed by HEC. 

In 2019, HEC replaced the ancient fixtures and fittings at all TransPennine Express managed stations with bright, modern and energy-efficient LED lights.

Our team of expert installers installed new LED lighting in all public areas of the station, including platforms, car parks, concourses and ticket offices. In total, the client trusted us to replace hundreds of lights at Manchester Airport, Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Selby, Middlesbrough, Scarborough, Grimsby, Hull with no delays to commuters and no impact on the client.

The high-quality LED lights and durable fittings provide a lighter and safer environment for commuters and staff. The new LED lights are environmentally friendly, providing better quality light at a fraction of the cost – making them much better for the planet too.

Check out the pictures to see the incredible transformation.